Wednesday, January 25, 2006

I Am A Woman -- Designed and Fashioned By God

I love being a woman. Not because it suits my emotions, nor because it matches my physical characteristics; I love being a woman because I am assured that this was God's choice and design for me.

In the first two chapters of Genesis we read the story of Creation:

First Day: God created light . . .
Second Day: God made the heavens and the dry earth . . .
Third Day: God brought forth vegetation . . .
Fourth Day: God made the sun and moon to govern night and day . . .
Fifth Day: God filled the sea and air with living creatures . . .
Sixty Day: God populated the earth with the beasts . . .

After each, God said, ". . . it was good . . . "

The only negative note in Creation was, "it is not good for man to be alone." God's plan then was to make a helper suitable for him.

The man was not totally alone. God had already created the creatures of the sea, air and ground. But God knew that man should not live with only the companionship of creatures. God could have given him another man for fellowship or an animal for a partner, but neither would have been a "helper suitable for him".

This would have to be a special creation. Man was formed from the dust of the ground, but God took a rib from the man's side and fashioned it into a woman. She came into existence from something already created -- she was an extension of man (Genesis 2:21&22).

In Genesis 1:27 we read that God "created" man, but in Genesis 2:22 we read that God "fashioned" the woman.

Fashion comes from the Hebrew root word meaning "to build" or "to design". But God had a special blueprint and design for woman, so He fashioned her into what He wanted her to be. Could it be that God took extra care in making woman so she could be a fairer sex and a feminine beauty? She was designed to compliment the man, not to replace him.

We are women . . . designed and fashioned by the Master who designed the universe with His divine plan and purpose. He is the Creator with order and purpose. Therefore, I know that as a woman designed by God, I have a definite purpose to follow and fulfill. So do you. What is God's purpose and plan for your life?

Psalm 139:14
I will praise thee, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvelous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well.