Sunday, December 17, 2006

The Facial

Part III to Our Journey Began

This entry make take some time for me to write. There are times when it seems as though it was only yesterday. It was more than two years ago. It was such a mighty manifestation of the power of God. It was a moment that would forever change my life. It would change who I was IN God. It elevated me to a level with God I did not know I could obtain. It was never about ME -- it was always about GOD and what GOD wanted to do for Trisha. I just got blessed in the mix. You see, God was about to change Trisha in such a way that hundreds of people's lives would be affected. God uses the simple to confound the wise. I am truly unsure of which category I fell into but I know this, God was about to be the awesome God I knew Him to be. He truly sets the captive free. God truly meets you where you are but He refuses to leave you there.

By this time, Trisha has moved out of the building where I am. She moved to a salon about 2 miles away. I believed she moved into more darkness.

It was an early morning. I do not recall what day of the week it was. It was my routine to go in about an hour earlier than the appointment so I could prepare. It was also my routine to pray for my clients coming in as I readied the room. (I added water to the steamer, made wet towel rolls to put in towel warmer, turned on the stones, lined up all the facial products in order of use, turned on the bed warmer, turned on soft soothing music and prepared the special lighting; praying all the while.)

Trisha was almost always early and she was early this particular morning. I was ready. I thought I was. It was obvious there had been a late night. I welcomed her in and stepped out while she readied herself for her facial. I did not like what I felt. I sat in the hall and prayed. I just wanted her to go away. I tapped on the door, she said she was ready and I entered the room.

I cannot describe what I felt and what I saw. It was as if darkness had just settled into the room and all around Trisha. I knew immediately it was going to be spiritual warfare for me. I began the procedure. All the while God was speaking to me and revealing things to me I did not want to know. I will not reveal them to you. A wise woman (Victoria) once instructed me this way: "God does not reveal things to you for you to talk about them. God reveals them to you for you to intercede and stand in the gap." I began to pray and battle. I stormed the gates of Hell. I never said one thing aloud. I felt the Holy Spirit all around me and spoke something to my spirit and He showed it to me: "The spirit in her will BOW to the spirit in you." I immediately began to feel such a peace and I began to speak peace into Trisha. With every touch I blessed her. The hour was up. I patted her on the side of her face and said, "Wake up, little girl, I am all finished." Trisha roused and said, "Oh, I slept so good. Thank you for praying for me. I felt such peace." I told Trisha that I indeed prayed for her but not aloud. She said, "Yes, you did. I heard you." Then she told me what I prayed. It was accurate. I stepped out of the room so she could get ready. I sat in the hall somewhat bewildered. How could I feel such peace? I was exhausted. I KNOW I said NOTHING out loud. I prayed in my spirit. I knew I did. How did Trisha know? How did Trisha hear? Then I saw it again and I knew what God had done. God had protected ME and began the healing in Trisha. That foul spirit in Trisha bowed to the Holy Spirit IN ME!

I have performed many facials in my career. I have enjoyed the presence of God in many of them. I always prayed for my client and I always prayed they would feel the presence of God. At the beginning of Trisha's facial, I felt the presence of the enemy. I was never afraid. I almost became ill. Comparatively speaking, Trisha's facial is The Facial that changed me forever. I knew in those moments that my God was bigger than any demon and demons truly do flee at the mention of Jesus. Jesus gives peace that surpasses all understanding, simply because He says He will. His name is LIFE. In Him there is liberty and freedom. In Him there is joy.

Today, you too can have peace, joy, life, liberty and freedom. It is all in Jesus.

(There is more to come on Trisha. Next: Part IV - Bible Stories in the Salon).


Anonymous Tina B said...

What a remarkable experience! Thank you for sharing.

11:09 AM  
Anonymous Candi said...

I know I'm late in reading this and sharing, but God knew that this is something that I needed to read today. Thanks for sharing with us, Karen, You truly have a Gift fro the Lord.

9:57 AM  
Blogger Kelly said...

Wow! our God is an awesome God- that is all I can think today. I am so blessed to have stumbled on this message today, and I am eager to hear more!
Praise God for your obedient heart!

7:37 AM  

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