Thursday, December 14, 2006

Magnetized Rocks

On our train trip!

Who knew Kyle, Brooke and Mason would have so much fun with a $7 bag of rocks that were magnetized? As you can see, they put them on either sides of their ears and noses. Kyle realized his teeth were mostly metal. Now that is some kind of grill!

They were all doing a little toss up in the air with 2 or 3 and they would all come back down as one. I'm thinking there may be a lesson in there. However, the lessson may be simply thoughtless fun. My mother used to call it "horseplay" and I remember getting in trouble for it a lot. They actually had the attention of many people on the train and we certainly enjoyed watching them all play together and entertain each other.

Kids make life seem so simple. During the Christmas season we get so busy doing "the stuff" that we forget to just have fun! We are starting a new tradition at our house -- just have fun! Play! Laugh! And yes, giggle. Nothing sounds sweeter than hearing children giggle.


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