Sunday, December 17, 2006

Our Journey Began

It is 4:00 AM and I am wide awake. I did not JUST wake up. I have been awake since 1:15. I have counted sheep, I have talked to the Shepherd, I have counted backwards from 100 at least 100 times, I have prayed, I have reflected, I have sang complete songs in my head, I have talked to Lexi, I have prayed more, I have written out all my checks for next week, I have prayed again. How many nights have I done this? I do not want to do anything right now but sleep and yet I am not sleepy. I know I need sleep. My thoughts during these wee hours of the morning keep taking me back to my friend, Trisha.

Trisha is my Hair Stylist and she came into my life just over 4 years ago. I will share the story.

Trisha shared a suite with 2 other girls and they were next door to my suite. Trisha was loud and obnoxious and said things that would just blow my mind. She was crude and obviously lived a very different life than I. She was much younger than me -- maybe 17 or 18 years younger. Not someone that I would pick to have a relationship with. She was in a transition in her life. She was in the process of getting clean from using drugs and abusing alcohol. She was tangled up with someone in Prison for drug possession offenses. She openly bragged about her sexual preferences (basically, she had no preferences -- either was fine). No, this was not someone I would choose for a friend or even a Hair Stylist.

One day I decided (in my spare time) that I would do some color on my hair myself. Well, needless to say, I got in way over my head (pardon the pun). I went out in the hall to find someone to help me and I ran into Trisha. I said, "Hey, would you mind putting this color on my hair for me?" She told me she would be glad to, all the while telling me how she was into witchcraft and Astrology, not to mention her sexual escapades. Somehow I just sat there. I never reacted and I never responded. I simply stated that I believed in God and that I was a Christian. I later went back to my suite where I apologized to God for going to her and allowing her to touch me and said I would never go back to her. My righteous indignation stunk and God let me know it immediately. God said to me, "You WILL go back. You WILL love her and you will pray for her and teach her to love Me." You can only imagine the argument that ensued. "Oh, no, God, she is so full of sin and she is so steeped in junk . . . . . . " And on and on I went. Then that voice saying "No, you will go and you will love her and let her know I love her." "OK, fine, well, I don't have to get my hair colored again for at least 4 weeks so maybe she will just go away." God told me to go to her right then and be friendly and love her where she is. I marched back out in the hall and guess who was out there?! Trisha. Yes, Trisha! At the time I did spa services as well as hair so I asked her if she would like to start doing my hair and I would give her facials and pedicures. She gladly accepted and booked an appointment with me right away. I hugged her. When I took her in my arms I felt her melt.

Our journey began.

Over the next few days I will share with you what has happened during this journey. It is amazing. God is amazing. God is faithful to do everything He says in His Word He will do. Our obedience is all He wants. This story will not be about ME or great things I have done. This story is about God loving someone that seemed (to me) unworthy of love. This story is about God meeting a young woman right where she was -- not where I thought she SHOULD be. This story is about God stripping me of that filthy self righteousness that sickens Him. Stay with me and I promise you God will speak to you through this. There are people in YOUR life needing to be loved right where they are. They need YOU to love them and they need YOU to show them GOD.


Blogger Amanda said...

And you WILL read this book I am about to finish today. There is a place in there, i have to show you. It will rock your world. I am glad you are sharing this and being honest about you yucky it is to feel that way towards people totally opposite than us.


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