Sunday, December 17, 2006

Shaved My Head

Part II to Our Journey Begins

Time went on. I did my thing and Trisha was doing hers. I gave her a pedicure and, as she dozed, I prayed for her in my spirit - not aloud. I truly did not know how to pray but God said for me to pray for her and love her. I prayed choppy and simple prayers. Thinking back, to God I must have sounded like a 2 year old learning to put sentences together. I repeated myself and I kept it to myself -- just me and God. I did not want anyone to know about this because I had no clue as to what I was doing and I had no clue as to what God was doing. In my eyes, this girl was crazy and needed more than I had to give her. She needed rehab, not ME. Consequently, I was not the only one that felt so strongly about Trisha. Many people around the salon would comment to me that they could not believe I was going to someone like Trisha to have my hair done. My answer was as God directed, "I love Trisha". See, there are Christians who believe we should only go to Christians to have services done. I had one lady tell me that because I was going to this certain place to have my nails done that I was giving my money to heathens and God would not bless me. I got a bit indignant. See, I was getting bolder and God was showing me, little by little, how to love someone where they are. You know, the way GOD does it. That "heathen" that was and IS doing my nails is a precious child of God. She serves my God. She was PREjudged just because of the country she comes from. Someone witnessed to her before I came along.

Oh, my Father, help me to never judge anyone ever again.

My hair got to looking better and better. Every time Trisha did my hair, I loved it more and I loved HER more. One day I was giving Trisha a facial and I asked her if I could pray for her. She said I could. You see, the more I obeyed God, the more bold I became for Him. It was a simple prayer, no King James vernacular -- just simple things like thanking God for putting Trisha in my life and thanking Him for blessing her business, and the like. Looking back, I've wondered why I did not just come out and ask, "Trisha, do you know my Jesus?" The only answer I have been able to ascertain is I was in direct obedience to God and, in hind sight, I think she may have said "yes" and I would have just dismissed the whole mission God had ordained. See, she DID believe in God. She just did not believe in God as THE God. She saw God as an option. So, "just believing" was not all God had for Trisha -- He wanted all of her and He wanted to be her ALL IN ALL.

I wish I could tell you that prayer included Trisha's salvation. It did not. It was about to get even darker. I was about to be thrown into spiritual warfare I had never been in before. God knew that and God equipped me with His Mighty Word as my weapon. If I had known what was ahead of me I think I would have shaved my head rather than go back to Trisha.

The Facial that changed MY life. Even after all this time, Trisha has known nothing of the story you are about to read. Until Saturday, December 16, 2006 - - I told her all of it, sitting in her chair, while she did my hair. (I guess that means I never shaved my head).


Blogger Amanda said...

There are a TON of people around you Mom, that need love. And as you show them love, you show them JESUS.

12:53 PM  

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