Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Train Ride

On December 2, James and I took our grandchildren on our first annual Christmas trip. Ages ranged from almost 12 to almost 2! Baby Adisyn and Baby Ezekiel will be added to the mix next year, giving us 7 wonderful grandchildren (to our credit).

Here's a rundown for you. Kyle (11), Brooke (9), Mason (7), Josiah (3) and Ava Beth (23 months). Cousins who obviously enjoy being together!

We gathered up the kids on Friday evening. Just PawPaw and MiMi -- no parents were allowed. Randy and Lori came bearing dinner! Thank goodness! Soon after they left it was bed time. Mason (and his special pillow and blanket) and Brooke slept in the guest room. Kyle and Josiah (and his guitar, book, blanket and Elmo) slept on an air matress in the living room). This left Ava Beth (a.k.a. Sissy) to sleep with PawPaw and MiMi (and of course Lexi). Ava Beth comes complete with blanket and Baby Elmo. Guess who was the last to close their eyes? Yep! Ava Beth! Actually, she talked so much (and tried her best to snore like PawPaw) that finally Lexi got up and wanted to go outside where she stayed the rest of the night.

We left our house at 6:15 on Saturday morning with all kids dressed, teeth brushed and most of them had their hair combed. We went straight to McDonald's and let them have anything they wanted. We loaded back up after a not so quick bathroom run and headed for Rusk to catch the train. I believe Rusk is where the Texas State Mental Hospital is as well. As we drove along I became a little unsure of our actual destination.

We arrived at the Depot in plenty of time to shop at the gift shop. What was I thinking? Have you ever taken 5 kids to a store and told them to pick something out and given them a limit? Not smart! Josiah and Ava Beth immediately chose "Thomas the Train" toys. The older 3, believe it or not, settled on bags of rocks. They had more fun with those rocks because they bought the magnetized ones -- I'll have to post those pictures another time.

We took so many pictures that Josiah finally said, "MiMi, no more cheeses." We had so much fun and the kids were so good. They played together and they bonded. I first thought of assigning seat arrangements. Kids do that all by themselves. I have to say, my older ones, Kyle and Brooke, amazed me at how good they were with the little ones. They were loving and patient. Mason is still trying to find his place and he is smack dab in the middle. He can hang with the big ones and play with the little ones.

We made so many memories and enjoyed our day so much. We found that all we had to say was "Bubba and Sissy" and they all looked at us. I guess it's a Texas thing -- we have a Bubba and a Sissy in all three of our little families.

Our trip home went very well. We stopped at Wal-Mart and bought a DVD. Josiah fell asleep drumming with one hand and playing his guitar with the other. Ava Beth fell asleep (but not for very long). Kyle enjoyed the movie in peace while Brooke and Mason got a little rowdy in the back.

Next year we will either need to go in 2 cars or charter a bus. Mandi traded cars with us as she has the DVD player and third row seating. I asked for the DVD entertainment package in my new vehicle. James said, "No, when we are with the grandchildren, we want to talk with them and hear them." It was JAMES' idea to stop at Wal-Mart and buy the movie for the ride home. He also bought HIS favorite movie, CARS!

If you do not have grandchildren -- get you some!


Blogger Amanda said...

They had so much fun!

3:09 PM  
Blogger Paula said...

You sound like the two of you had a blast with the kids. You are very brave and very thoughtful. I wish we had grandparents that would do that with our son. Those are memories the kids will never forget.

6:55 PM  
Anonymous Tina B said...

We have GOT to take Sydney and Hayden on that trip!

8:07 PM  

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